This article is about the Badballs from the Madballs comic book. For the Badballs from the Madballs cartoon, see Amtoy Series 2.

The Badballs were minor antagonists in the Madballs comic book by Star Comics. They first appeared in the third issue. In it, Dr. Frankenbeans discovered that the Madballs were created by the same pond of toxic chemicals near his lab. After many failed efforts to re-create the accident to make his own Madballs, Frankenbeans orders his dim-witted assistant Snivelitch to throw away the chemicals along with three bowling balls he wanted to get rid off. The bowling balls were mutated into the Badballs, and were sent to defeat the Madballs. The Badballs were more than a match for the Madballs, until Horn Head used his brute strength to knock them into the toxic R.U.I.N. pond, turning them back into bowling balls. The Badballs were alluded to in the first appearance of the new Madballs along with other previous attempts Frankenbeans made in trying to capture the Madballs, and they returned in the ninth issue along with several other enemies of the Madballs. Miss Tic the Mystic used her powers to bring the Badballs back and then turns them invisible to make it impossible for the Madballs to find them. Luckily, Slobulus is allergic to getting beaten up, and he sneezes slime on the Badballs to make them visible again. After their defeat, the Badballs and the other villains are punished by being forced to soak in the R.U.I.N. pond.


The first Badball to introduce himself. He is colored orange and has a mohawk.


The second Badball to introduce himself. He is colored turquoise and wears a bowler hat.


The third and last Badball to introduce himself. He is colored purple and has a ponytail.