Commissioner Dungor was a police commissioner who appeared in Madballs#9.

He informed the Madballs the villain team INC(International Network of Creeps). He explains that they consist of the villains Dr. Frankenbeans, Snivelitch, Miss Tic the Mystic, Anchor Man, Colonel Corn, Maiden Hong Kong, Captain Weirdbeard, and the Badballs. He then shows they have taken over five locations around the world: Colonel Corn has conquered Iowa, Maiden Hong Kong has taken over China, Anchor Man has seized control over Los Angeles, Captain Weirdbeard has set sail in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, and Dr. Frankenbeans, Snivelitch, Miss Tic the Mystic, and the Badballs stay at R.U.I.N. Labs. In the end, the Madballs defeated all of the criminals and punished them by forcing them to soak in the R.U.I.N. pond.

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