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Horn Head
Also Known as Mr. Horn Head
Appeared in Madballs-Series 1,
Madballs-Classics Series 1

Horn Head is a Madball in the first series. He is a cyclops with a single horn on his head and a ring in his nose(which has a chain that connects to his earring in the relaunch). He is playable in the video game Madballs in Babo:Invasion, and is the only playable character in the game other than Oculus Orbus to be an actual Madball.

Horn Head in the ComicsEdit

Horn Head was one of the original Madballs created when eight rubber balls were mutated by the properties of the toxic pond near R.U.I.N. He always boasts about his strength and got along well with Bruise Brother.

Horn Head AnimatedEdit

Horn Head was voiced by Keith Hampshire and played the electric guitar. He was incredibly strong and had a tendency to use a lot of force, even when told that he was supposed to take it easy. He also at times has a bad temper and is usually angered when the Badballs attack.


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