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In Fall 1986, Nelvana Limited created a Madballs cartoon. Unfortunately, the cartoon only lasted two episodes( though there are rumors that six episodes were made). Both episodes were released on VHS courtesy of Hi-Tops Video and have yet to be released on DVD.

Plot Edit

The Madballs' story begins on the planet Orb. Orb was once the happiest, hippest ball of dirt in the universe until Commander Wolf Breath and his men took over the planet, prohibited everything fun(including music), and enslaved all the inhabitants. Despite Wolf Breath's harsh anti-music laws, at least one rock band remains active on Orb. They are the Madballs. The members of the Madballs were Screamin' Meemie, Freakella, Horn Head, Dusty, and Skull Face. Screamin' played the drum, Freakella covered vocals, Horn Head and Dusty were on guitars, and Skull Face plays the keyboard. Local Orbans Aargh and Slobulus were the band's biggest fans, though the two would often argue about who is a bigger fan. After another long day working on Wolf Breath's monument, the Madballs decided to play some songs at the Hole-In-The-Ground Club. Aargh and Slobulus were going to go to their favorite rock band's concert, but had to finish building their space ship first. After the Madballs played Dizzy Miss Lizzy, the Badballs appeared and attacked our heroes. Luckily, the Madballs and their biggest fans managed to escape and took off in their rocket. After a brief battle with the pursuing Badballs, our heroes landed on Earth, where they saved their newfound manager Skip's life by performing Great Balls of Fire to satisfy the audience of Skip's show's demand for music. During the performance, however, the Badballs made it to our planet and tried to stop the Madballs. After the song ended, Freakella screamed at the Badballs and trapped them in their ship. Slobulus then rewired Wolf Breath's ship to fly away into space, never to be seen again. Skip and his sister Sandy were grateful for the Madballs saving the day and had them perform on his show every week.

In the second episode, the Madballs cartoon was reduced to a goofy Monty Python-esque comedy of gross-out jokes and silly skits.

Characters Edit

The Madballs


The Badballs

Episodes Edit

Note: there was a promo for the cartoon featuring early versions of Freakella, Dusty, Aargh, and Horn Head.

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