The tenth issue of the Madballs comic book was published June 1988. It was also the last issue of the comic book published before its cancellation.

The Fantastic VoyeursEdit



Dr. Frankenbeans finds Rojad's shrink ray and plans to use it to shrink the Madballs to microscopic size after amplifying its power. Unfortunately for him, the Madballs catch him red-handed, causing the doctor to get so frustrated over his countless failures in defeating the Madballs that he passes out. Snivelitch then uses the R.U.I.N. computer to find out what is wrong with him. It is then found out that the doctor's frustration has released a virus into his body. Now the Madballs have to get inside his body and defeat it before Frankenbeans is done for. Snivelitch then finds out that the effects of the shrink ray will wear off. Luckily, the Madballs manage to defeat the virus Mike Crobe and escape the doctor's body in time. Snivelitch is grateful that the Madballs saved his master's life, but Dr. Frankenbeans is outraged that his assistant let the three Madballs get away with Rojad's shrink ray.


The story is a parody of the movie Fantastic Voyage, which is also about a group of people shrinking and entering a person's body to cure him.

Compose Yourself!Edit



The Madballs battle Grammar Moses, an elderly woman with a weapon called the Board of Education, which she uses to create punctuation-based constructs to retaliate against bad grammar. After a long battle, it is revealed that Grammar Moses wanted to be an English teacher when she was young, but no school wanted to hire her. The Madballs then take pity on her and have her teach grammar at their home in the Aragon Ballroom.

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