The fourth issue of the Madballs comic book was published by Star Comics in June 1987.

The Madballs Meet the New Madballs Edit

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Frustrated over his three failed attempts to get the Madballs, Dr. Frankenbeans remembers their origin story and wonders if there are any rubber balls still in the alley the day the rubber ball car crashed. He finds eight rubber balls and dumps them in the toxic chemical pond, creating the new Madballs. He convinces the new Madballs that the original Madballs are impostors holding children hostage. Unfortunately for Frankenbeans, the new Madballs later betray him and team up with the original Madballs. Needing a place to stay, all 16 Madballs start living in the deserted Aragon Ballroom.

Madballs in the Movies Edit

Screamin' Meemie announces some upcoming movies starring the Madballs. One is "Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Aargh", starring Skull Face as Indiana Bones. There is also going to be a "Rocky V", featuring Oculus Orbus and Fist Face singing "Eye of the Tiger" Another sequel mentioned is "Porky's IV"(rated PG for Pig-Gout) starring Swine Sucker. It is said that Bruise Brother will costar with Diana Ross in "Lady Sings the Bruise". Yet another film mentioned is "Hiss of the Spider-Woman", starring Snake Bait. The final film is a remake of the classic war film "A-Lock A-Lips Now", starring Lock Lips(who mumbles that Screamin' Meemie sounds like Marlon Brando).

Anchors Away! Edit

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Plot Edit

A news reporter named Ben DeFax dons the guise of Anchor Man and uses a device called the Micro-Phoney to control the minds of anyone watching his news show WBLA News and make them steal valuables. Things get out of hand when Anchor Man's victims include the children, Screamin' Meemie, Dust Brain, and Fist Face. Luckily, Wolf Breath uses his bad breath to break the three Madballs free of Anchor Man's hypnotic thrall. Dust Brain uses his gauze to prevent himself and the other Madballs from submitting to Anchor Man's mind control. After a long battle, they destroy Anchor Man's Micro-Phoney, freeing everyone from its mind-controlling effects. After Anchor Man is sent to jail, the Madballs and the children decide to read some books instead of watching television(much to Screamin' Meemie's confusion).

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