The fifth issue of the Madballs comic book was published August 1987.

Plus 3 Makes 19Edit



Fed up with the Madballs playing with their friends, Dr. Frankenbeans has revenge by taking their football, soccer ball, and basketball and mutating them into the Super Madballs. They nearly defeat the Madballs, but are convinced to betray Frankenbeans and side with the Madballs.

Dear Dr. Dust BrainEdit

  • Q: I was playing with Snake Bait in the grass--Now I have an itchy rash--Why? A: You've got a simple case of Python Ivy!
  • Q: Settle a bet: Does Fist Face carry a rare and contagious fingernail disease? A: I asked him, but he pleaded the "Fist Amendment!"
  • Q: Can Swine Sucker catch the swine flu? Can Horn Head have an ingrown horn? Can Lock Lips get lockjaw? A: Can you break in your nightclub act somewhere else?
  • Q: My big brother swallowed my Slobulus Madball. What should I do? A: Get one of your other Madballs to perform the "Heim-yich Maneuver!"
  • Q: I have a terrible aspirin--How can I make it go away? A: Take two Splitting Headaches and call me in the morning!

The Q&A ends with Dust Brain seeing Aargh about a sore throat.

Veg OutEdit



While messing around at R.U.I.N., the Madballs learn from Snivelitch that Frankenbeans has been hypnotized into forgetting about his hatred against the Madballs and has taken up gardening. Unfortunately, when Snivelitch is told to connect one hose for the doctor to water his plants and the other to drain away the toxic pond that created the Madballs, Snivelitch mixes the hoses up, causing Dr. Frankenbeans to water the plants with water from the toxic pond. The mutagenic properties of the water mutates the plants into the Vegeterribles: Rotten Tomato, Crushroom, Paul Onion, Pea Shooter, Spud Nick, and Iceberg Lettuce. The shock causes Dr. Frankenbeans to remember his feud with the Madballs and he orders the Vegeterribles to defeat the Madballs. Dr. Frankenbeans is defeated yet again when Swine Sucker eats the Vegeterribles.

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