The eighth issue of the Madballs comic book was published by Star Comics in February 1988.

Younger than Spring Slime Edit

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Plot Edit

After another failed attempt to capture the Madballs, Dr. Frankenbeans and Snivelitch stumble upon the fabled Fountain of Youth. Frankenbeans then tricks the Madballs into hopping into a pool of water from the Fountain of Youth. This causes the three Madballs to turn into the Madball Babies(individually known as Nob Head, Teeny-Weeny Touchdown, and Baby's Breath). Dr. Frankenbeans at first tries to take advantage of their age by teaching them his wicked ways, but eventually gets annoyed and fed up with their childlike antics. He then dumps the Madball Babies into the toxic chemical pond, restoring the Madballs to their true ages. Angry about being turned into babies, the Madballs retaliate by pushing Frankenbeans and Snivelitch into the pool, turning them into children.

Weather I'm Right Edit

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Plot Edit

The gang try to play baseball until it rains. The Madballs then go to WBLA News to see why the weather reports are always inaccurate. At first they think their old enemy Ben DeFax, aka Anchor Man, is to blame, but it is revealed that Ben DeFax is reformed and that the weather girl Gail Warning is the one reporting false weather. Gail Warning was expecting the Madballs to come, so she uses her weather wand to electrocute them and then send them to the North Pole. There, a penguin and a seal named Arty find the Madballs and thaw them out so they can return to the news station. They plan to defeat Gail Warning and expose her plans, but she informs them that without her weather wand, they have no evidence. She tells them it is in her dresser with her stockings, knowing the Madballs would be far too embarrassed to find it if they had to go through a woman's clothes to get it. Even though even Snake Bait is too polite to go through it, he uses his garter snakes to get the weather wand and the Madballs break it. After Gail Warning is sent to jail, the Madballs see a cloud hovering over their friends. They think this means Gail Warning's already escaped from jail and is plotting her revenge, but they then find out the "cloud" is actually made of dust from the children playing volleyball with Dust Brain.


Aargh and Slobulus's cameo appearance in the first story may be a reference to how the two Madballs are often seen with one another in the Madballs cartoon.

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