New Madballs cartoons by Wildbrain and Oddbot Studios were released on an official Madballs YouTube channel, which can be found here. Fifteen episodes, six "Meet the Madballs" compilations, five live-action challenge videos, four "Madballs in Real Life" episodes (featuring real Madballs toys), and eleven "how-to" videos on how to pull off gross pranks have been released so far.


  1. Mad Pets -  Watch here!
  2. Cinemad - Watch here!
  3. Highfalutin' Tootin' Society -  Watch here!
  4. Spinning Your Wheels - Watch here!
  5. Pooting Stars - Watch here!
  6. Care Balls - Watch here!
  7. The Magical Madballs Factory - Watch here!
  8. Mallballs - Watch here!
  9. School of Squish - Watch here!
  10. Sports and Recreational Smactivity - Watch here!
  11. Beach Balls - Watch here!
  12. Cyber Spaced  - Watch here!
  13. Museum of Fine Farts - Watch here!
  14. Winter Wonderland - Watch here!
  15. Chore Balls - Watch here!

"Meet the Madballs" CompilationsEdit

  1. Best of Skull Face - Meet the Madballs - Watch here!
  2. Best of Dust Brain - Meet the Madballs - Watch here!
  3. Best of Oculus Orbus - Meet the Madballs - Watch here!
  4. Best of Screamin' Meemie - Meet the Madballs - Watch here!
  5. Best of Slobulus - Meet the Madballs - Watch here!
  6. Best of Horn Head - Meet the Madballs - Watch here!

"How-To" Prank Guide VideosEdit

  1. FAKE VOMIT with Horn Head - Watch here!
  2. TOOTHPASTE COOKIES with Skull Face - Watch here!
  3. Glow-In-The-Dark GREEN SLIME with Slobulus - Watch here!
  4. Fake DOG POO with Dust Brain - Watch here!
  5. SNOT with Slobulus - Watch here!
  6. Fake FLY-FILLED ICE CUBES with Oculus Orbus - Watch here!
  7. MASHED POTATO ICE CREAM SUNDAE with Dust Brain - Watch here!
  8. FAKE RATS with Screamin' Meemie - Watch here!
  9. FAKE PUS with Oculus Orbus - Watch here
  10. EXPLODING CAKE PRANK with Screamin' Meemie - Watch here!
  11. WHOOPEE CUSHION with Dust Brain - Watch here!

Challenge VideosEdit

  1. Headswing Bowling with Horn Head - Watch here!
  2. Bucketheads with Dust Brain - Watch here!
  3. Eat It Or Wear It with Skull Face - Watch here!
  4. Memory Madballs with Oçulus Orbus - Watch here!
  5. Reach for the Stars with Slobulus - Watch here!

"Madballs in Real Life" EpisodesEdit

  1. Family Photo - Watch here!
  2. Drinking Contest - Watch here!
  3. Girly Bedroom - Watch here!
  4. Under the Bed - Watch here!

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