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Oculus Orbus
Also Known as Oculus
Appeared in Madballs-Series 1,
Madballs-Classics Series 2

Oculus Orbus is a first series Madball. He is a giant eyeball. He is a playable character in the video game Madballs in Babo:Invasion, and is the only playable character in the game other than Horn Head to actually be a Madball. He also makes puns about sight due to being an eyeball. He and Screamin' Meemie are the most iconic Madballs.

Oculus Orbus in the ComicsEdit

Oculus Orbus was created along with the rest of the original Madballs when eight rubber balls fell into the toxic pond near R.U.I.N. Oculus Orbus has a tendency of making puns on eyes and eye-related words. He mainly got along with Fist Face

Oculus Orbus AnimatedEdit

In the animated series, Oculus Orbus first appears in Escape from Orb. He is voiced by Len Carlson and is too nervous to speak, instead communicating using squeaks and hand gestures. He often warns the other Madballs when the Badballs infiltrate their concerts. For unknown reasons, he was left behind when the Madballs escaped to Earth. He wore a red cap. In Gross Jokes, Oculus Orbus appears in some of the skits, having somehow made it to Earth after being left behind on Orb. Here, he wears a bowler hat.


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