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Screamin' Meemie
Also Known as Screamin'
Appeared in Madballs-Series 1,
Madballs-Classics Series 1

Screamin' Meemie is a Madball in the first series and is arguably the most recognizable Madball. He resembles an anthropomorphic baseball with round eyes, bushy eyebrows, a human nose, and a manic grin with a tongue hanging out.

Screamin' Meemie in the ComicsEdit

Screamin' was one of the first Madballs created when eight rubber balls fell into the toxic pond near R.U.I.N. and mutated. Being the most prominent Madball, he is the leader. It was shown in Corn-Ered! that Screamin' Meemie can burn white-hot if he is angered enough.

Screamin' Meemie AnimatedEdit

In the cartoon, Screamin' Meemie was voiced by Geoffrey Bowes. Here, he wears attire appropriate for him being a baseball, namely a baseball cap and cleats. He is often portrayed as the leader of the Madballs and plays the drums. Some hints in the two cartoons may imply that he has a relationship with Freakella. It is interesting to note that while his baseball cap is blue in the first episode, it is red in the second episode and is red and blue in the intro.


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